Serum for plants


Enhance your urban jungle with the plant serum! The combination of fractionated coconut oil and neem oil will add shine to your plants' foliage while cleansing them of their dirt. Neem oil also has the advantage of helping to control harmful insects that attack plant leaves, while being 100% natural, biodegradable and safe. What more could you ask for?

Cleaning with the Plant Serum removes the dirt that accumulates on the foliage of your indoor plants, which allows for better light absorption and therefore better photosynthesis, resulting in healthier plants.

It is recommended to clean the leaves of your plants about once a month to promote their photosynthesis.

It gives brightness to the foliage

The other name for neem oil: neem oil

Neem oil has the advantage of providing control of insects that attack plant foliage, while being safe for animals.

Neem oil has a sulphur smell, which is quite normal, hence its active compound. (but the smell disappears very quickly after using the product).

Use: mix 10 drops of the plant serum with 1 cup of water, mix and gently clean the smooth foliage of your plants with a soft cloth. Change the water when it becomes dirty.

Do not use on the underside of leaves to avoid clogging the pores of the leaves. Do not use on hairy foliage, flowers or succulent plants (to avoid impeding cellular respiration, which is different from that of plant foliage).

Do not expose the foliage to direct light after care (as when watering our plants, risk of leaf burn).

Fractionated coconut oil: gives a shine to the foliage while cleansing it of dirt. (It is a coconut oil from which the long triglycerides have been removed, making it liquid and giving it a very long shelf life).

100% natural, vegan and handmade locally by Les Naturelles création.