Greeting card - Plant shelves


A great greeting card for tropical plant collectors, or at least those who dream of having shelves full of plants.

This greeting card is just right for the rarer plant collectors. It presents a wide variety of plants that will make all collectors dream or will amuse them because they will be able to recognize the plants they already have. Stephania erecta, Anthurium crystallinum, Pilea pepermioides, cactus, Philodendron Tahiti, Monstera Deliciosa, jewel orchid and Philodendron Pink Princess fill the shelves of this wonderful cardboard plant shelf.

Unfold the card to see a message appear "I'm rooting for you" and then find the message you wrote yourself to the person you are giving the card to. You can be sure that this card will remain on the refrigerator for a long time or will be displayed on a prominent piece of furniture in the recipient home or office.

What a great way to make that plant-loving person happy! This card is a small gift in itself. It goes great with a leafy gift too!