Collector's plants

Collector plants for the less common houseplant lovers in Canada

A collection of rare plants adapted to the constantly evolving market

The collectible plant market is constantly changing. A few years ago, Miss Boon imported many plants. Today, the alternative market for selling, buying and exchanging collectible plants is very strong. In addition, large-scale tropical plant growers have completely transformed the market by turning so-called rare plants into less common, but cheap plants a few months ago.

A constantly changing selection of collectible plants online

The selection of rare plants offered by Miss Boon has followed the market. Today, the collectible plants offered by the online store (and the physical store located in Villeray in Montreal) are mainly cuttings rooted from Miss Boon's mother plants. Hello Monstera Albo! The selection is also composed of rare plants found here and there, by chance or with collectors. We also find less common plants, new on the Canadian market or brand new, which were classified as rare only a few months ago. Sometimes you can find Canadian productions and hyper-local rare plant productions, from cultures on the island of Montreal.

Buy rare plants online because you love them

Buying rare plants, or collectible plants, should be, in our opinion, a hobby pursued for the beauty of a plant and not for the purpose of eventually making a profit. Rare plants are a bit like the stock market, their value changes a lot and sometimes very quickly. So buy collectible plants because you love them. They may be a third of the price in a few months. Or on the contrary, the plant you like could increase in value in the blink of an eye.