Botanical watercolor workshop


Course leader: Ana Kusmic, illustrator/designer

Ana Kusmic is an illustrator based in Montreal. With a degree in illustration and design and a bachelor's degree in art and psychology, she is interested in the benefits of the creative process on well-being. Watercolor and pencil drawing are her favorite mediums. She is the creator of all the products in the Play4ever boutique, whose products (including botanical illustrations) are sold online at Play4ever.cathe Etsy store of the same nameas well as in the Arloca boutique.

Course Description:

This workshop is an introduction to botanical illustration through watercolor. The activity lasts three hours, and is designed for beginners to intermediate levels. The presence of plants in our homes helps us stay in touch with nature. Taking a moment to slow down, admire and draw the wonderful and strange details of the plant life around us is a great way to relax. In this workshop, you will be introduced to the basic techniques of watercolor drawing and taught how to make your own canvas based on the principles of botanical illustration, which aims to represent the shape, color and details of plant species. The focus will be on the benefits of the creative process on your well-being.

Age Recommended for adults, but open to anyone interested in the activity

Duration 3h15 (includes a 20 minute break)

Fee 46$

Course of the workshop

15 minutes: Introduction of the facilitator and the theme (botanical drawing)

30 minutes: Instructions on how to use the material (watercolor) and demonstration

5 minutes: Subject selection (plant section, reference photo)

55 minutes: Watercolor

20 minutes: Break (tour of the tables)

75 minutes: Watercolor

10 minutes : Conclusion-Exhibition (we take the opportunity to go around the paintings)

Materials required: All materials required for this activity are provided. A juice or americano coffee too.