Workshop - Shaping of ceramic pots + plants

Choose a plant and create your own pottery pot by participating in the workshops offered by Miss Boon in collaboration with Atelier Forma.

Cost: 65$ (plus extra fees if you want more plants or create more pots, details below) + taxes.

Duration: 2 hours

When: On hold at the moment du to COVID

Details about the workshop:

This 2-hour workshop will allow you to choose a plant from the selection available on the day of the workshop and create a ceramic pot for it.

During the first 30 minutes of the workshop, you will discover the characteristics of each plant proposed (there will be some for the brighter and darker corners) and receive some tips to create a pot that is well adapted to them.

During the rest of the workshop, you will learn a hand shaping technique to create 2 ceramic pots. You will then be able to decorate them with underglaze.

You will be able to collect your pots after they are cooked, 10 days after the workshop.

Each participant will create 2 pots and receive a plant. You will also be able to buy additional plants and pots during the workshop.

Additional costs:

- 5$ for an extra small plant, depending on availability

- 10$ to make an extra pot