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Miss Boon - Boutique Végétale

Paper poppy bouquet-making workshop

Paper poppy bouquet-making workshop

Beginner to intermediate level

Duration: 3h (with a 10/15mn break)

All equipment provided. You will leave with:

  • 1 stem of eucalyptus foliage + 1 stem of variegated foliage
  • 5 red poppy flowers

Let yourself be carried away into a world where colors burst and petals unfurl gracefully, all under the benevolent guidance of an experienced artist.

During this workshop, you'll discover the secrets of manipulating Italian crepe paper, a material of choice for creating realistic-looking flowers. Italian crepe paper is distinguished by its delicate texture and its ability to capture the subtle nuances of each petal. Its malleability makes it ideal for beginners wishing to explore the art of floral paper.

Eva will be by your side throughout the workshop, guiding you step by step as you create your bouquet. Whether you're a novice or a budding artist, you'll learn simple yet effective techniques for shaping each flower with care and precision.

Vases will be provided to view the final bouquet, and available for purchase if you find the perfect match for your home.

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