Calathea White Star 4" Calathea White Star 4"

Calathea White Star 4"


We love this variety of Calathea so delicate and original. Its green foliage streaked with fine pink and white lines is most magnificent. A variety that is less common (so take the opportunity to add it to your collection today), without being rare. No matter, it is so beautiful that it will find a place in any self-respecting collection.

Did you know that White Stars are particularly susceptible to spidermites? Fortunately, at Miss Boon, all our Calatheas are treated with a systemic insecticide. This ensures that your plant is healthy and protected from possible infestation.


  • Indirect sunlight (north-facing window)
  • Keep the soil slightly humid
  • Place in a more humid room, such as the kitchen, bathroom, basement or plant room

*Planter not included.