Greeting card - Cactus filled snow globe


A quite spectacular greeting card! In fact, it's a little work of art for cactus collectors. The structure unfolds to create an impressive snow globe, filled with cacti of all kinds. Three different layers create a globe filled with plants. This card will remain in the sight of the person you are giving it to for a long time because it is so stunning.

This is the perfect gift for the person who lives overseas and loves plants. All you have to do is put enough postage on the envelope and it's done! No exorbitant shipping costs, but the effect is as sought after as if you had sent a package full of plants to that plant lover.

Personalize the 3D creation with your own message by choosing from the following stickers: "Happy Birthday", "Thanks a bunch" and "Loookin' sharp" or handwrite your own message and stick it on the front of the card.

The greeting card also comes with a sheet of paper on which you can write your message.