Seek Peace - Mindfulness Meditation Set


Organized and well thought out, these self-care focused gift sets offer a botanical take on traditional gifts. Each kit features a growing kit paired with various accessories.

This set includes: 1 lavender grow kit in a self-watering bamboo planter, lavender seeds, 5-minute hourglass, centering essential oil roll with lavender and cardamom notes.

Lavender grow kit + seeds: find inner peace by bringing the outside in. Includes an automatic watering system equipped with a self-watering bamboo pot, non-GMO lavender seeds, soilless growing medium, tray, wick, carbon, plant food and growing instructions.

Mindfulness Hourglass: designed to help you keep track of time while you lose track of it. This simple tool provides five digital-free minutes for the mindfulness modality of your choice. Take five for breathing, your gratitude exercises or a quick mantra meditation.

Centering Essential Oil (0.35 fl oz; made in the U.S.A.): this base blend has a sweet, soothing scent with notes of lavender and cardamom.