Fado evening with Suzi Silva and José Brites


Another evening of live music is offered at Miss Boon. This time, we travel to Portugal and Brazil with Suzi Silva and José Brites. Still in a 7 to 9 formula, with a nice menu of Portuguese inspired appetizers and wine for a magical moment in a unique space!

What: An evening of live fado music with Suzi Silva and José Brites

When: Thursday, March 30th between 7pm and 9pm

Where: at Miss Boon's café-boutique located at 380 De Castelnau East in Villeray.

Wine and Portuguese-inspired bites will be on the menu for the event.

The musical program

On Thursday, March 30th between 7 and 9 pm, Suzi Silva will be accompanied by José Brites, a guitarist who shares his passion for passion for jazz, traditional music and fusion.

Fado, jazz, Portuguese and Brazilian music meet as a prelude to a magical
introduction to a magical and bewitching world that will make you rediscover the sounds of the lusophony.

The artists

Suzi Silva

Suzi Silva was introduced to Fado at the age of eleven. The traditional urban songs of Portugal was well present in her family, recently immigrated to Canada. She naturally took up the art, without even having any musical education.

As an adult, Suzi trained musically in classical singing, and then in jazz, another musical form she has been passionate about since her teenage years at the Conservatory. It was at the University of Montreal that she obtained a bachelor's degree in Jazz Interpretation.

Finally able to be more than a "singing voice", she composed and produced her first album : "Fad'AZZ", a fusion between fado and jazz. With this project, she performed in Quebec in several venues and festivals and won several awards.

At the same time, and without ever leaving "Fad'AZZ: or Classical Jazz aside, she continued to sing traditional fado, music that will allow her to perform.

With these projects, Suzi considers herself an ambassador of Fado, whether in its traditional form or in its jazzy attire. Her goal is to share Fado and introduce it to everyone, Portuguese-speaking or not. In this way, she makes Fado known and also gives it another way to evolve and a whole new target audience.

José Brites

José Brites, musician with more than 10 years of teaching experience and more than 15 years on stage, plays guitar, bass and several other instruments with plucked strings (like the Ukulele, the Cavaquinho and the Portuguese guitar).

Versatile in many styles such as rock, pop, folk, jazz, swing,
funk, fusion and electronic, he performs regularly with many musicians
of the Montreal scene such as Suzi Silva, Victoria Malenfant, Ultrafox and others.