Musical evening - Flute with Geremia Lorenzo Lodi


When: Thursday, February 23 from 7 to 9 pm

Price : $30$

The musical performance

Geremia and her flute (with the precious help of a loop pedal) will perform original songs from her upcoming album "Dieci Tracce". "Ten" as in the years that have passed since her arrival in Canada, and "traces" as in the marks that retain in their form the essence of the traveler: clues to her secret journey.

The show is intimate and personal, with a cappella Brazilian songs accompanied by body percussion. The audience gradually engages in the show through storytelling introducing the pieces, answering questions about the imaginative landscapes and scenarios the music produces in their imagination, offering the performers input for an improvised song (places, colors, feelings), and finally through singing and body percussion at intermission, when I lead a carousel: a dynamic form of participatory singing engaging the entire audience with voice, movement and body percussion.

Savory bites and beverages will be available for purchase especially for this event

The artist

If he had been born in 1113, Geremia Lorenzo Lodi would probably be called a "musical alchemist" because, from an early age, he discovered how to transform his most vital energy into sound, offering himself to an audience in a direct yet gentle, sensual yet innocent way. Like transmuting lead into gold. However, because he was born in the 20th century, he is usually referred to as a musician.

Born in the province of Bergamo (Italy), Geremia graduated from the Conservatory of Novara (2005). From an early age he immediately distinguished himself by a marked ability for improvisation. However, this ability was also a source of insecurity, as it would inadvertently disappear at the moment of need. This mystery prompted him to deepen his experiences through a Master's degree in Music Education (McGill 2013) where he rediscovered improvisation as a tool for reconnecting with oneself that allows one to give voice to emotional experience as it is felt in the body.

As a body percussionist, he performed with ZOGMA at the Festival Quartiers Danses (2019), under the artistic direction of Sandy Silva. In June 2022, with the trio Café Korigé, he presented at the Festival de Musiciens du Monde in Montreal original compositions composed during the artistic residency Création Diffusion of the Conseil des Arts de Montréal.