Comment décorer avec des plantes comme un.e pro Comment décorer avec des plantes comme un.e pro

How to decorate with plants like a pro

By Sarah-Anne Nagué

Comment décorer avec des plantes comme un.e pro Comment décorer avec des plantes comme un.e pro

For this article, we spoke with AMÉLIE THERRIEN - INTERIOR STYLIST to learn the basic tips for decorating with plants.

Amélie Therrien has a business that specializes in real estate staging, which means that she stages properties that will be put up for sale soon, in order to sell them quickly and at the best possible price.

She also offers virtual decorating services according to the different stages of an interior design project; the beginning, the heart or the end of a project, thanks to specific and adapted tools.and adapted tools.

Besides the luminosity, how do we choose the location of our plants to decorate?

First of all, it's all about balance in the decor. Plants are the perfect accessory to add a touch of life or softness to a more neutral decor, for example. They have the power to create a perfectly warm and welcoming atmosphere in any room of the house.

As with any decorating element, when using one or more plants, it is important to ensure that the volumes are respected to obtain beautiful results. In fact, it's about knowing how to arrange plants of different sizes at different heights to create an interesting visual effect.

In the settings I create, I use plants a lot as a focal point in the room. With their rich colours and often extraordinary foliage, plants have a natural power of attraction. I use this aspect to draw people's eyes to the elements that need to be highlighted in a room; a fireplace mantle, shelves, a kitchen backsplash, etc. I also often place plants near windows or doors to create a natural transition between the interior and exterior of a property!

What are the basic principles of decorating with houseplants?

Plants are a perfect ally in a successful decor on many levels. Very large vertical plants are perfect for furnishing a high space; placed directly on the floor, they help to highlight the height of a ceiling. On the other hand, smaller plants add life to all those little corners that lack love.

In real estate development, to be effective with potential buyers, the decor of a property must be neutral, but above all, welcoming and warm. So I use plants a lot to achieve this.

In order to define the atmosphere and style of a decor, the type of plants selected is essential. For a modern, country or bohemian decor, my choice of plant, but especially my choice of planter will definitely be different. A perfect combination of these two elements certainly brings the final touch to a decor!

How do you choose your accessories (pots, planters, shelves, etc.) when you want to integrate plants in your decor?

The idea is really to respect the final vision of the room or the section to be decorated. The desired ambiance or style will have an impact on the right plant to select, but especially the type of accessories to match it with.

Accessories, such as planters, can help brighten up dark furniture, add a pop of colour to a more neutral room or add texture to a more homogenous setting. For my part, the planters I buy are often selected by love. There are so many different models; they are often inexpensive and easy to change as the decorations change.

Planters on legs are often a very nice option to give height to a medium size plant. Otherwise, to free up your furniture and add life to a room, hanging plants are a very interesting alternative!

What plants are popular among stylists?

Lately, I've been noticing a lot of elephant ear plants in the decor. With its heart-shaped leaves, it often adds a lot of texture to a room. Personally, I have a soft spot for the "bird of paradise" which is sure to create a wow factor in a decor, as well as the "monstera" with its large, always stunning leaves.

I like to use the "ZZ plant" in my real estate projects because I can leave it in a vacant property for a few weeks without it dying. Not only is it really pretty, it's so easy to maintain, so it's perfect for that kind of assignment or just for people who don't have a green thumb.

I also use the "mother-in-law's tongue" a lot because it helps me to get some height, like on a console table or a piece of furniture that would be too low. Otherwise, the little succulents are just perfect for harmonizing a set of accessories on a shelf and adding a little life!

Where do you find inspiration for decorating with plants?

Obviously, I use Pinterest a lot for inspiration and to see how I can incorporate new plants into my decor. For me, they are a must-have decorative element because they immediately provoke a feeling of happiness and it is paramount for me to feel good at home.

My simple and rather minimalist style is based on different Scandinavian ways of living. In my work, I therefore draw a lot of inspiration from their simple and uncluttered designs. Plants are an essential element in a Scandinavian style decor because, like wood, they are a reminder of nature, which is the very basis of these arts of living.


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