Étude de cas : consultation à domicile chez Alexandre

Case study: Alexandre's home consultation

You are wondering what are the advantages of booking a home consultation with Miss Boon? We thought you might like to see the results of a recent project. Here is Alexander's home, before and after.

The Context

Alexandre moved to a newly renovated apartment a few months ago. He already had nice furniture but was looking to add life to his decor. So he decided to hire the services of Miss Boon. We agreed on a date for me to come visit the premises, measure the brightness and then make suggestions that would suit his horticultural skills and his home.

The home visit

During the visit, we determined the orientation of the windows to get a good idea of the type of brightness in each room. Alexandre, by his own admission, doesn't know much about plants but he had a request, to have a large plant in the dining area. After asking a few questions about the look he wanted to achieve with plants, his budget and the time and attention he intended to give to his new plants, I took a few pictures to create a personalized shopping catalogue for his space.

The catalogue of personalized suggestions

After the visit, I prepared a small document that I like to call a personalized shopping catalogue. The purpose of the document is to allow her to choose among different options, depending on the look and price of the plants and accessories. As you will see, some furniture additions are sometimes suggested to enhance the plants. In this case, I suggested to Alexandre to add a shelf at the top of his television set to put plants and decorative accessories.

Since Alexandre's budget was limited to $250, the plants proposed were often smaller in size. However, with the maintenance guide he received and the good care he will give them, they will grow quickly for a most spectacular effect.

The selection

Alexander then made his choice, according to his taste, while adding a little challenge to Miss Boon. Indeed, he had a party planned at his home the following week and wanted to welcome his guests in his new decor. We therefore planned the delivery of the plants and accessories the following Saturday at noon.

The installation

During the week, I went to get the necessary plants, the missing accessories, the shelf for the living room and the soil for repotting. On Saturday, I arrived at his house to start the installation. After installing the tablet, we then proceeded to put the plants in place and I did the repotting when necessary. I also gave him maintenance tips to make his investment worthwhile. Here is the final result.

Do you like the end result? Would you also like to get some good advice on how to green your property or apartment? Contact Miss Boon to make an appointment. The consultation lasts approximately 30 minutes and costs 30$ plus taxes.

A home consultation does not commit you to buy your plants and accessories with Miss Boon. You can also choose to spread out the project over a few months if you have a very large space to decorate.

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