Étude de cas : la maison de Sophie

Case Study: Sophie's House

Case Study: Sophie's house

Today, we present you with the results of Miss Boon's last home consultation at Sophie's home in Saint-Lambert. We love the results and so does Sophie! It must be said that she already had a superb house, freshly renovated in a modern and sober style. It was the perfect setting to add a few plants to the ones already adorning her home.

Before the passage of Miss Boon

The living room

Sophie had two recessed consoles built into her living room during the renovations. She had several pedestals ready to be furnished with various accessories and plants.

Sophie also wanted to add some greenery to her black cabinet. She even bought three small, pretty canopies in which she wanted to put plants.

The dining room

Sophie is the winner of the Adansonii monster that was drawn in September in a contest organized by The Exhibit.ca. She found a perfect spot for it in her dining room. In addition, she wanted a strap-on strap high enough to fill the space between the wall unit and her dresser.

The master bedroom and the adjoining bathroom

As for the master bedroom, Sophie didn't have a clear idea. She knew she wanted to add some plants but was open to Miss Boon's suggestions. She also wanted to add a small plant in her adjoining bathroom.

Personalized suggestions for Sophie

The first suggestion in the living room was to add pothos to the upper cabinets of the furniture. Another suggestion was to add a preserved moss frame at the top of the fireplace to add life above the fireplace.

In the dining room, the only intervention proposed by Miss Boon, apart from adding the straps requested by Sophie, was to attach rods from the monstera to the wall. In time, the result would be nothing short of spectacular. And it shouldn't take too long as this plant grows very fast. This technique also has the advantage of ensuring that the new leaves are as wide as the first ones. Monstera, being a climber, tends to make smaller leaves when the stems are left hanging.

Finally, in the bedroom, we proposed two ferns in glass pots hung on each side of the bed as the lamps on the bedside table were not too imposing. It was also suggested that a large plant be added to the floor at the foot of the bed, near the wall.

The end result

The living room

Since Sophie tends to water her plants generously, we opted for tillandsias in the canopies. Since the accessories have no holes, putting plants in the ground would be a challenge in terms of watering. The result is simply exquisite!

Sophie's husband preferred not to have a plant above his sound system to prevent watering accidents. So we chose to put a pothos in one of the wall units and a strap-on on the opposite side in the floor below.

Eventually, the pothos will grow and fill the upper cabinet for a very interesting effect. Since the boxes are also quite dark, it is an ideal plant choice, as is the strap strap below.

The large strap on the floor delineates the living room from the dining room.

Eventually, Sophie may be tempted by the preserved foam frame above her fireplace. At Miss Boon, the frames are made on demand, as often as possible with second hand frames (we want to be ecological and economical at the same time). Customers can choose to add tillandsias that they will have to spray daily or silk foliage for more texture and a zero maintenance frame.

The kitchen

In the kitchen we simply put transparent plastic hooks to guide the plant so that it can eventually occupy part of the wall and why not the ceiling.

The master bedroom

In the master bedroom, we opted for a monstera deliciosa that will grow in size over time. Sophie preferred to have only one planter hanging at the top of the bedside tables. However, to balance this, she chose to add one of her favourite plants to the e-shop, a ZZ compacta.

Finally, in the bathroom, we added a plant that likes humidity, a small 4 inch calathea makoyana in a marble effect pot. This variety is one of the easiest to care for in the calathea family and should not be a problem for Sophie due to its judicious placement.

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