Le décor vert de Terri

Terri's green décor

This week, we are featuring the green décor of Terri who lives in Montreal. For Terri, plants are a way to express her creativity once she gets home from work. At Miss Boon's, we're sure you'll love what she has done with her plants. Her decor is simply sublime.

Terri's approach to her décor

How would you describe your home decor?

I'd say it's a cozy, simple and inviting setting. I wouldn't say I have a specific style. On the other hand, I love nature. It's a place where I feel peaceful, so I think that explains my attraction to wooden pieces and neutral colour palettes.

What websites, social networks, books or magazines have inspired you?

For me, it was HGTV. All the designers and the creative ideas that the channel presented really helped me to find my creative side.

I also find a lot of inspiration when I walk around all kinds of shops or look at shop windows.

I never felt in a hurry to finish my decorating. I always knew I could find the right pieces. For these reasons, I would say that my decorating is very instinctive.

Tell us about your approach to decorating a room...

Actually, I didn't really have a vision when I moved into my house. It's a fresh start. I came in with a mattress and some dishes. I made the decision not to buy anything until I had lived in my house and had a real feeling for it. I knew I would have plenty of time to fill the space.

That said, the purchase of my green sofa set the tone for my type of decor. I was told it was very daring, but I thought it would be a good starting point. I also knew I would find a way to decorate that would make it stand out.

Next, I was inspired by a plate I bought. Its colours were so well matched that I thought why not replicate them on a large scale. It took me about 4 years to get to where I am now. It all happened gradually.

To be honest, I have to admit that you never stop decorating your house. I have a habit of moving my furniture around from time to time. I might be listening to a TV show and start moving my furniture around. When I move my furniture around, I feel like I'm in a new room. I also like to find new uses for my old things.

What things would you like to share with people who would like to create something similar in their home?

The number one rule is not to buy everything in one store. Otherwise, your home will look like a showroom. What you want is to have a sense of experience when you come home.

Take your time, live in your space. Move things around, they're the ones that will actually guide you. Take a tour of antique shops. Buy something new, a variety of patterns, textures, and never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Add personal touches too, whether it's with DIY projects or giving new life to an old object. That's how you'll feel at home. I've also noticed that books play a big role in a decor. Not only are they pretty in themselves, they are also wonderful when stacked to raise plants, candles or autre .

Now, let's talk about the plants in your decor

I added plants to my decor over a long period of time and only after spending some time in my new home. When I moved into my house, someone offered me an aloe. I was amazed at how well it went with my care and how it added a lovely touch to my decor.

My guests kept telling me how beautiful my aloe was and it gave me the confidence to add another plant. Before I realized it, I had added one, two, three, and several other plants. The more plants I added, the warmer my home became. It was the beginning of a new passion.

Plants add a certain dimension to spaces by making them more complete and brighter. Today, I can say with confidence that plants have helped add life to my home. Without them, my home would not look the way it does now! All I have to do is hang them on the ceiling. I still have a lot of projects to do.

Where did you get your pots and props?

I buy my pots from all kinds of stores. Homesense always has a great collection. I also found a wide variety of pewter baskets and pots from Dollarama. I drilled a few holes in them and voilà!

I always try to showcase my pots without taking anything away from the beauty of my plants. That's why I prefer white or neutral coloured pots and baskets.

Finally, I have only one piece of advice for those who want to incorporate plants into their decor: always remember that plants are not objects. They are living beings that require attention and love. Do your research to find out how to care for them. There are so many sites and books to help you keep your plants healthy and happy.

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