Les plantes et le mid-century chez Caroline Tremblay-Verreault

Plants and mid-century at Caroline Tremblay-Verreault's house

To inaugurate the blog's Inspiration series, we present you with a sublime decor that beautifully integrates plants. The owner and decorator of this splendid space, Caroline Tremblay-Verreault, also shares a few tips on how to create a decor similar to hers at home.

decor Caroline Verreault

Caroline Tremblay-Verreault has been passionate about decorating and restoring furniture since 2013, when she became the owner of her first home. And she has talent (the room she created for her son a few years ago, her first decorating project, was the subject of an article in the blog Deconome three years ago)! At Miss Boon's, we fell in love with her décor, recently shared in a Facebook group (Mid-century vintage and cie), and we thought we should introduce it to you. Every piece of furniture, every accessory, every plant was chosen and placed with intention to create a chic atmosphere. Read on to discover the tips and tricks of this communication strategist living in Pointe-aux-Trembles. Who can tell? Maybe you'll be inspired to create a similar décor.

A mid-century decor, with a touch of ethnic boho-botanical

The one who is inspired by TV shows and decoration sites such as Pinterest describes the style of her decor " comme being mainly mid-century, with a touch of ethnic boho-botanique " and jokingly asks herself: " Est does it exist as a style? Lol ". She also loves the Westelmmtl and Renard Flare pages on Instagram as sources of inspiration to recreate certain elements at a low cost in her home.

decor de Caroline Verreault

One would think that the decoration of her new home, a large bungalow built in 1955, required several weeks of work. Nothing could be further from the truth!

"  J 'was so inspired by the open area between the living room (and its huge fireplace), the kitchen, dining room and lobby, the high ceilings, the full-height windows and not to mention the beam that separates the living and dining areas, that I planned almost the entire decor in my head first (after collecting several pieces of furniture for her big decorating project for 6 months). By the time we finally got the keys, my plan was clear [Caroline and her husband became owners of their bungalow in January 2019, but they didn't move in until early summer]! I knew exactly how to place the furniture and even which frame would fit on which wall! Within a week, the main floor was finished, and the basement the following week! I am proud that 90% of our home is made up of restored furniture or furniture found in the classifieds. This is my way of helping to break the cycle of over-consumption. We have to think about the environment! »

decor caroline verreault

When asked what the key elements of her decor are, Caroline answers that each element contributes to form a whole. However, she particularly appreciates the following items:

  • His walnut sideboard, found on Kijiji for $50, is now used as a TV cabinet (but it also serves as a bar for drink bottles!). Caroline and her husband, being passionate about restoration, of course restored the furniture to remove the old varnish that hid the grain of the wood and the period ceramics glued in diamond shape on the sliding doors.
  • His walnut mid-century chair found on Kijiji in Rimouski for $30. Before undergoing a youth cure, they used to call it Rimouski ugliness. You have to have seen it before to understand! With a new upholstery and seat cover, as well as sanding and oiling the wood, this ugly duckling has truly transformed itself!
  • Her decorative boho (wall macramé, wicker side table) and ethnic (Moroccan pouffe, Berber carpet) accents add warmth to the décor.
  • Her plants! And especially the wooden planters and plant stands. Caroline loves the green (and lively!) touches that plants bring!

plantes caroline verreault

Caroline's tips and tricks for creating an eclectic decor

"  Afin to recreate something similar, at a low price, as we did, I advise you to visit (several times a week!) stores like Saint-Vincent-de-Paul or the Salvation Army to find mid-century furniture and bamboo or rattan items. It can take longer than buying new, because of course it requires more research, but with a classified ad site like Marketplace, you can find everything! But you have to be fast! Good opportunities go fast! If you're less skilled, you can also buy a sandblaster and do the restoration yourself. The satisfaction will be even greater! »

foyer Caroline Verreault

Plants in Caroline's décor

Plants are very important to Caroline in her decor. It's her way of adding an accent of colour and a touch of life, since it's fairly tone-on-tone. As you can see, you don't need to create a jungle to enjoy the soothing atmosphere created by plants. Caroline has 11 plants, an easy to manage number, and all of them have been chosen in different sizes to furnish different spaces optimally.

salon Caroline Verreault

How did she select the plants in her home? She often fell in love with them, but not without first finding out about the light requirements of each plant. As an interior designer at heart, she also chose her plants according to the plant pots she wanted to integrate into her decor so that they complement each other. She therefore needed plants that grow tall so that her planters would also stand out. Finally, some plants are gifts received to mark the happy event of moving into a new home.

plante caroline verreault

Do you like Caroline's planters? Do like her and go to Homesense, The Bay and Structube. All her planters have also been carefully chosen for their style, as they are an integral part of her décor. Above all, Caroline wanted the planters to be in harmony with the mid-century style. Try, like Caroline, to find planters on wooden supports if you want a decor like hers. White cement planter duos on black tripod-style legs (like the one she put her strap in) also fit beautifully into a mid-century setting.

You can check Caroline's Facebook and Instagram (@restauration_1955) pages for more inspiration. If you need help selecting the appropriate plants to finalize your decor, contact Miss Boon for a home consultation.

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