Quoi faire quand on rentre nos plantes dans la maison à la fin de l'été

What do we do when we bring our plants into the house at the end of the summer?

It is now time to bring your plants inside. Here are a few tips on how to do things properly.

When should we bring our plants into the house?

When the average temperature drops below 15 degrees Celsius during the day and night, we should consider bringing our plants in. Cacti and succulents, being more robust, can tolerate temperatures as low as 8 degrees Celsius.

What precautions should we take when bringing in our plants?

We inspect all our plants before we bring them in. We then isolate them from plants that have been inside for a month. During this period, we treat our plants, preventively or to eliminate undesirables, with a commercial insecticidal soap or a homemade recipe. Plants that do well after one month can be moved into their usual place in the house.

Homemade Insecticide Recipe

  • 1 litre of water
  • 5 ml Dawn Blue Soap
  • 10 ml baking soda
  • 20 ml mineral or vegetable oil
  • We can add garlic cut in pieces and let it macerate for 2 weeks before removing the pieces from the mixture.

Be careful! Always test the product on a leaf before spraying the whole plant. This will prevent damage to the whole plant if the product is too strong for the foliage. Avoid exposing treated plants to direct sunlight.

Also, it is the ideal time to give a last dose of fertilizer to our plants before the winter season.

Do you have anything else you'd like to share? A homemade recipe? A disastrous experience?

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