Retour sur l’année 2020 et les plantes de 2021

Looking back on the year 2020 and the plants of 2021

The beginning of the year is always a good time to take look at the year that has just ended and to think about what's coming up in the next twelve months. 2020 has been an exceptional year for plant collectors and for the industry in general. During the summer, growers were barely able to keep up with demand, whether they were in the Eastern Townships or in a more tropical destination.

While everyone would like to have definitively turned the page on 2020 by the first hour of 2021, we all know that things can't change if vite ! Rising prices for the most popular collectible plants will continue in 2021. Still, the year has brought us a beautiful variety of plants with the most unique foliage for every plant collector, no matter their budget.

Some highly sought-after plants available for import only in 2019 have appeared just about everywhere at much more attractive prices in 2020. As was the case in 2019 with the continuous mass arrival of Senecios rowleyanus, Ceropegia woodii, Monsteras deliciosa and adansonii, which are still classics available almost all the time, some plants that were highly coveted in 2019 became established in 2020 as the new green must haves.

Remember the ZZ raven and Begonias maculata that arrived en mass in renovation centres at the beginning of winter 2020. At the summer, Philodendrons Birkin and Rhaphidoras tetrasperma appeared wherever plants were sold. And then there were the Tradescantias calliscia repens that seemed to come out of nowhere and quickly became classiques ! Finally, Calatheas orbifolia are now everywhere, whereas they were only found very, very rarely before. The prices of these plants have halved in 2020 to the delight of plant lovers.

Variegated Monsteras, the 2020 favourite

In 2020, Monsteras were the favorite of many plant collectors, but for their variegated foliage ! Albo and Thai constellation were on everyone's wishlists. If you were lucky, you were able to get your hands on a juvenile Thai constellation at a relatively reasonable price. If not, don't despair, because it is said that Costa Farm will distribute the plant in supermarkets in 2021.

Perhaps you have managed to get your hands on an albo or even rarer, a aurea ? Did you pay $3000 for an adansonii variegata ? These plants will still be very popular in 2021 and will continue to be offered as imports by collector's shops or at auction.

If your resolution this year is to spend less money on plants, you should consider less common varieties of Monsteras that are also popular but not as expensive such as Monstera subpinnata, Monstera spruceana, Monstera esqueletto.

Another trend of 2020 has been velvety plants !

Philodendrons gloriosum, collectible Anthuriums, Alocasias Frydek and Regulina, Calatheas Warzewickzii and Philodendron micans were big favourites. The appeal of these plants is expected to be just as great in 2021, especially for Calatheas warzewickzii, which have seen their popularity increase by 1291% since 2010, placing them in 5th position in terms of popularity in 2020. In fact, we had specimens in 8" pots this year.

Epipremnum have also been very popular in 2020 and should continue to be so this année ! Whether it's a Cebu blue, Njoy, Manjula or a Scindapsus treubii moonlight or dark form, every purse can afford one of these easy-care plants.

Of course Hoyas were also popular, especially the rarer varieties. We fell in love with the Hoya Mathilde last year. And you ? What was your favourite 2020 ? In 2021, we hope to find silver-green varieties like the Silver dollar or the Grey Ghost !

Plants of the year 2021 according to Miss Boon

It is difficult to predict which plants will be the most popular in the year 2021, as several factors must be taken into account. Not only must these plants be very appreciated by collectors, but also they need to be found and one must be allowed to import them ! In addition, these plants must be able to tolerate a few days of travelling bare roots! In short, finding specific plant varieties is sometimes a real treasure hunt. Nevertheless, we predict that the following plants will be very popular in the next 12 months.

Velvet Philodendrons

We're betting on el choco philodendrons, but melanocrysum, verrucossum, micans and gloriosum will also continue to be very popular !

Alocasias Jewel

Especially the dragon scale and the cuprea ! Let's bet that the Frydek (produced by local growers) will make a glorious comeback next summer !

Monsteras variegata

Of course ! Some Thai available in renovation centres?


Cebu blue, manjula, treubii dark form among others in imports and the Njoy for cheap finds !

Velvet Anthuriums

We absolutely love the warocqueanum , but still crystallinum, forgettii and other varieties should also be popular.


Original varieties such as Sayuri, Bantel Sensation, whale fin, Cleopatra should continue to be trendy !

Variegated ZZ 

After black, bring on some light!

Ficus altissima

This inexpensive variety should be very popular this year.

Which plants do you think will be the most popular in 2021?

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