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Add plants to your office

The trend towards working from home or in a hybrid format, and increasingly, biophilic design in the corporate environment, i.e. the beneficial connection between humans and nature in the design of workspaces, is becoming important to attract employees to the office.

The benefits associated with integrating indoor plants into the workplace are numerous!

Add plants to your office, your business or better yet, plan a lively workplace with a beautiful plant design and offer a nice plant to those who work at home and you will notice the following improvements

  • better performing colleagues
  • improved team focus
  • improved employee engagement
  • less absenteeism and sick days
  • more productive work teams
  • improved employee mood
  • less stress and anxiety
  • more creativity

All this, thanks to the addition of plants in your office!

You want to test the benefits of plants at work and see if a beautiful plant layout can bring a lot to your company as proven by numerous studies published in several academic publications such as the Journal of Experimental Psychology Applied,Laval University as well as recognized books such as the book Biophilic Design: The Theory, Science and Practice of Bringing Buildings to Life?

Contact us to discuss your goals, your budget and the look you want to create.

plantes au bureau

Plant-based design for offices, retail stores, restaurants, bars and hotels in the Greater Montreal area

Consultancy services are available to businesses that wish to green their workplace. During the site visit, the type of lighting is measured to determine the selection of plants proposed. You can then make your choice. Finally, the plants are delivered to you at the agreed time and installed in a harmonious way.

Whether you have a bar, café, restaurant or open office space, adding plants will help you create an oasis where people will enjoy spending time. Go sparingly for a trendy minimalist look. Go for abundance to wrap a larger space in lush greenery.

Here are a few of our designs:

Mejuri - Peel Street

Insilico Medicine - Montreal

Pyrowave - Stock Exchange Tower

plantes suspendues dans un bar

BreWskey Pub



buvette Loretta


Corporate and commercial plant maintenance services

Miss Boon offers corporate horticultural maintenance services on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and seasonal basis to businesses in the Greater Montreal area. Rates vary depending on the quantity of plants to be maintained. Services include watering, trimming, fertilization, rotation, pest and disease control.

Contact Miss Boon to discuss your plant ideas.

Green Corporate Gifts

Since 2019, Miss Boon has been offering its commercial and corporate clients the opportunity to give plants as gifts to their employees and VIP clients.

These popular gifts are chosen according to your corporate values and branding, respect your budget and can accommodate different constraints (non-toxic plants, locally grown plants, etc) while being suitable for all types of horticultural skills.

Are you planning to celebrate a great achievement of your work teams, the end of year holidays or the anniversary of the company, your employees' work or a collaboration with your clients? Perhaps you want to mark Earth Day with a plant or you simply want to offer a little more green to distinguish yourself from the competition? Offer a beautiful plant with a planter thanks to our corporate gift services.

Our many clients tell us after each project, their customers and employees are happy and communication with the Miss Boon team has been clear and transparent throughout the project. It is not uncommon for them to call upon Miss Boon's services for other events.

"My experience was really positive, from start to finish you were able to distribute plants across Canada in a short period of time. Especially during the busiest time of the year! My entire team was really impressed with their plant, and I can't say enough about your help throughout this process. Thank you for making our vacations brighter with your beautiful plants."

Dana D - Plotly

Help your employees create a rejuvenating workspace

Whether your team has 200, 50 or 10 employees, you can trust Miss Boon to deliver a plant anywhere in Canada that will thrive in a stylish pot. Miss Boon can also offer you small sizes to give to your privileged clients.

What we offer

  • A choice of easy to care for plants with a care card
  • A choice of stylish pots for all budgets
  • Local delivery in person in the Greater Montreal area and postal delivery anywhere in Canada
  • Gift wrapping with tissue paper and a note from the director printed on cardboard

Turnaround time

  • We can complete your small projects in 5 business days.
  • Please advise us one month in advance if your team is larger than 40 people.