Série Inspiration : la joyeuse collection de fabuleux feuillages de Basilicana

Inspiration Series: the joyful collection of Basilicana's fabulous foliage

Do you need to get off alarming news for a few minutes? Basillicana's superb collection of plants, also known as Andrea Grosu, is sure to inspire you. Let's be honest, houseplants don't have the power to clean the air in our homes (see the article published here), but they do have extraordinary benefits for the mental health of those who care for them. In this time of confinement, at Miss Boon's, we think it is a fabulous pastime and a wonderful opportunity to lose oneself in contemplation, such a peaceful activity.

Our source of inspiration

Andrea Grosu lives in Maidstone, in the Kent region of the south east of the UK. This freelancer has between 80 and 100 plants in her collection. Most of her specimens were purchased in small format two years ago. Today, many have become huge! As her space is now quite limited, she prefers to continue buying small plants. The Influencer's collection on Instagram is therefore a source of inspiration for those whose monthly plant budget is not huge and for those who prioritize cuttings exchanges.

Let's talk about your decor!

How would you describe the style of your decor?

My decor is very minimalist and modern. I like whites and gold tones. I love to mix these colours with greenery. It's really a perfect combo for me!

What books, magazines, websites and social networks inspire you on a daily basis?

Summer Rayne Oakes is a great inspiration for me. I saw her apartment in Brooklyn a few years ago and it really made me want to move to a better lit place to create my own jungle at home.

What approach did you take to create your decor?

I think it's best to take your time when decorating your house. My style is quite simple, but plants play a very important role in it. White blends very well with greenery, because it gives the plants plenty of room. That's what I like. I also like to move things around from time to time. It's really stimulating when you have a lot of different varieties of plants.

What are the key elements of your décor?

I like the clean look, so there's a lot of white, grey and light brown in my home, plus some gold accents that I love.

What tips would you like to share about your experience with those who would like to create something similar in their home?

My best advice is to experiment! With plants, with furniture, with artwork, with everything!

Most of us don't really know our style until we've tried a few things. For me, this process is fantastic because I've learned a lot.

Now let's talk about plants.

How do plants fit into your décor?

They have a huge place! They make everything prettier and warmer. It's a real joy to see my plants when I wake up in the morning and I feel the same joy when I go to bed.

Also, I find it especially satisfying to notice the new shoots after a few days out of the house!

How do you choose your plants?

Sometimes I look for specific plants because I saw them on Instagram and I fell in love with them at first sight. Other times, I choose them according to my inspiration of the moment while making sure I have the right conditions at home for them to flourish.

It's so important to have the right conditions at home. It makes everything easier.

Where do you get your plant accessories? Do you choose them more for their style or effectiveness?

I have a lot of clay pots. It has been a challenge to find some in a dark brown colour, a shade that fits better with my décor. Once I found pots with a more neutral tone, I bought a lot of them. I really like terracotta pots because they go well with everything and they are very effective.

My other pots are from TK Maxx or are finds I made during my travels in Europe. I love to bring back pots from my travels. They are the best memories.

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