Collection: Plant care and styling accessories

Miss Boon's houseplant accessories are often called flowerpots, and for those who like precise terms, they are called planters or pots. Stylish ceramic planters or plastic planters, terracotta pots, 3D printed pots made from recycled plant material, the selection is varied and always incredibly stylish.

You'll also find all kinds of items for the care of plants. Natural fertilizers, ollas, watering cans, sprays, organic insecticides, stakes, soil and much more. You will find everything you need to take care of your house plants in one place. Ask us for advice to find the products that fit your habits and values as a consumer (local, organic, slow release, spray, mix with water).

Finally, Miss Boon's plant and home accessories also includes botanical art, natural materials, handmade, local, imported, vintage. In short, everything to create the perfect tropical boho Scandinavian decor in your little corner of paradise at home.