Collection: Trendy plants

Buy your tropical plants online from Miss Boon

Miss Boon's collection of trendy houseplants is made up of tropical plants chosen by Miss Boon for their unique foliage, plants that are sought after and popular with plant fans or simply classic plants that have graced our homes for decades. Our houseplants are often produced in Florida, when possible here in Canada and sometimes even on the island of Montreal.

No unpleasant surprises at Miss Boon when you buy plants online

Buying tropical plants online is very simple at Miss Boon. We present you with the most common houseplant specimens of the lot so that you receive a plant that is equal to or better than the one presented to you online. All plants are unique and we are well aware that buying plants online can be stressful, so we have established a process to ensure your satisfaction.

We ship your houseplants anywhere in Canada by mail

Our packaging techniques are adapted to mail your plants anywhere in Canada in the summer, winter and the seasons in between. Heat packs, insulating paper, fast shipping are offered in winter when the temperature is below -10 degrees day and night. Otherwise, we wait until it is a little warmer to ship safely your tropical plants, even in the middle of January.

Buy your plants online, pick them up at the store

You can also buy your plant online to reserve it and come and choose your specimen yourself at the store. We always put the most beautiful plant aside for you, as if we were choosing it for ourselves. But of course, you get to pick your plants once on the premises, should you prefer another baby that the one we selected with care for you.

Local delivery of indoor plants in the Greater Montreal area

We deliver your favorite houseplants anywhere in the Greater Montreal area. As with the plants we mail or set aside for pickup in store, we choose the most beautiful tropical plants we have in stock to deliver plants that will bring you great joy.

Buying plants online has never been so enjoyable.