Calathea White Fusion 4" Calathea White Fusion 4"

Calathea White Fusion 4"


Calathea White Fusion has been a favourite plant for some years now. This little marvel is highly prized for its delicate green, mauve and white foliage and is a star in any plant collection.

A little temperamental, this plant requires a high level of humidity. The bathroom (with window) and the kitchen are ideal places for these beauties. Another solution is to sit it on a bed of clay balls filled with water (be careful that the water does not touch the roots to avoid drowning your plant). You can also place it near a humidifier. Follow these tips and you will be the proud parent of a Calathea White Fusion.

Like many plants with variegated foliage, the white parts of the leaves can dry out and turn brown. Just cut them off to keep your plant looking great.

Did you know that our Calatheas are treated with a systemic insecticide against spidermites?

Since this plant is only available a few times a year, take the opportunity to buy it while it is in stock.


  • medium indirect light
  • keep the soil slightly moist
  • ensure a high level of humidity

*Planter not included.

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